Energy coming back nicely

Good stuff: more energy, my taste for boiled crawfish has not changed (many tests conducted in this area!), more walking, less weakness, less nausea ( if I time the meds and food just right), and hair beginning to grow in causing me to have some fluff on my head! Yay!! Oh yeah, and my chemo brain has cleared up and I have deep thoughts all the time. 🙂

Not-so-good stuff: hot flashes day and nite then followed by chills ( I am back on hrt for that but only for 5 days so far) This causes lack of sleep and nite sweats. Still some weakness when I first stand up. Wearing masks when I go to the store or Dr’s office. Ears are stopped up but that may just be allergies to the live oak pollen falling. Taste buds are still unpredictable, don’t like meat that much but my grapefruit phase has passed finally! (seems to have been replaced by cabbage eating now. Huh?)

Now this Not-so-good list seems longer but but not really. I’m major excited over the Good stuff, and I thank God daily for that. I feel more and more like me and not so much the patient.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and patience through my ” bump in the road” time. My mom, the caregiver, was once again The Rock!

It’s all good!


About suemagoo

I'm a Multiple Myeloma survivor at this time. No longer Complete response. Getting ready for another stem cell transplant
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1 Response to Energy coming back nicely

  1. Lovey Beth says:

    Suemagoo, crawfish and deep thought – I’d say you’re on your way back! !! I’m two and a half years from ASCT (also at MDA), have a decent appetite (two crawfish boils in past two weeks), but cannot tolerate meat. Just the way it is. I also had the hotflashes, etc. and started taking Low Dose FEMHRT – four tablets a week. I’m still on it and will stay on it as my kidneys can’t tolerate Zometa and the daily Calcium and FEMHRT 4X week are the only real help I’m giving my bones except for exercise. Best wishes to you.

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