Melphalan today

Developed a sore throat today so doctors are meeting to discuss the effect of chemo on that. Starting my ice either way

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Check in day

I’m packing up the jammies and all of my “technology to check in at 3:00 today. Have a little sinus trouble. I hope that does not complicate things. They will hook my Hickman port to fluids for now. I’m going to try and get a room with a good view of the river. My cousin Terry is not sure of she’ll be staying the nite yet. We don’t know about the set up yet. Tomorrow I’ll begin the intensive chemo treatment along with the ice chewing to prevent the mouth sores.

We just checked into room 824.

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For all of us

Below is a Powerful Prayer for Stress and Anxiety:

Dear Lord, you know the difficult things I am dealing with.

You know how my mind won’t let me stop thinking about everything.

I feel stressed and so unsettled.

I’m worried about what is going to happen.

Please take my burdens and the “what if’s” from me.

Help me to focus my thoughts on You and not worry about what could happen.

Please help me to take one day at a time.

Please lead and guide me and take control of this situation.

Please give me Your wisdom and fill me with Your peace.

In the name of Jesus I ask these things.


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Pic line

Getting ready to have tube pic line put in at Ochsners. My cousin Terry is here as my caretaker. Thank goodness for that and thank goodness for sedation!!

After that lunch time!

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Stem Cell Transplant

I am going to Ochsner’s Cancer Center in New Orleans for my 2nd Stem Cell Transplant on Oct 21st. My cousin Terry will be with me as my caretaker. I will only be doing 1 drug this time (Melphalan) as opposed to the clinical trial of 3 drugs that I had before so hopefully this will be “easier”. Wish me luck! I’m hoping the little “stemmies” wake up fast!! tentative wake up date is November 9th

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July 21 2019

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myeloma has reared it’s ugly head again

Starting on a new chemo Kyprolis and dexamethasone.  Down the road will be considering a stem cell transplant again

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Another change in treatment!

My numbers (lands light chains) started climbing again so I changed doctors and new drug. Since January started on kyprolis.  Also had a mediport installed.  Not too bad.  Still getting used to it.  My little Guesthouse keeps me busy with enough guests.

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Guesthouse open for Business!

I opened the Guesthouse and took guests in about five months ago.  I also was able to get on disability.  It’s going pretty well and I’m meeting new people all the time.  I just passed my 6 th Birthday (stem cell wise).  So far so good!!

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New meds and Guest house on the way

Five years and one and a half months after transplant and the lambda light chains were still rising  (46) so I  increased the Revlimid and I added dexamethasone on weekends.   That made the chains drop to 34. It makes sleeping very hard; I suppose I’ll have to start using Ambien. Neuropathy increasing but I’m still walking.  I’m trying to give up sugar and carbs but it’s not easy when you have a mother that likes sugar and  carbs.   still doing some freelance work at home  but not enough to provide  a decent  check. Not sure I could handle a full time job.   I am converting a small barn 10 x 16 in to a guest house, that’s my project for now. I just hope I don’t run out of money.  The guest house should provide some income when done.img_4194

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