Day -7. Second Day

Second day on chemo; busulfan and gemcitabine. Also on dex, a steroid that makes my face flush a bit.
Walking a bit more at a faster pace. Last night was terrible at first, due to the attack of the restless legs monster
And I felt like I was burning up. No fever, it is due to the meds. Food ok, had a huge cinnamon roll this morning.
Still trying to stay out of the bed as much as possible and I feel so much better for it.
I go between wearing beanies on my bald head or just going topless. Still a little sensitive about that.
Blood draws have ended so that port in my arm is being used for other meds. I would still say that side effects are minimal. Not sure if and when that will kick in. I just do all the things my great nurses recommend.

Most of the day I spend watching TV, messing with my iPad and walking. I need to take out the new ukulele and continue stretching the strings so it can stay in tune. I have some drawings supplies but there’s not much to draw around here so I may resort to nature photos from the web.

About suemagoo

I'm a Multiple Myeloma survivor at this time. No longer Complete response. Getting ready for another stem cell transplant
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1 Response to Day -7. Second Day

  1. Terry says:

    I’m glad to hear that so far it is tolerable. I am still giving exams; tomorrow is the last day. Mike & I will be singing at Midnight Mass. If you are awake and want to tune in, our church does live streaming of every Mass every Sunday and specials. They even keep a copy of the video online for a week. In the mean time. I haven’t wrapped a single gift, but I have had time to get in some shopping.

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